The Weekend Is Almost Here – Ways To Spend It Watching Neon Alley!

Now is the perfect time to plan your weekend around catching up on new episodes you may have missed this week or make that internal commitment not to fall behind with a weekend watchfest!

TOMORROW:  You’ll be able to find a brand new WORLD PREMIERE ENGLISH DUB episode of Naruto Shippuden RIGHT HERE

But first, TODAY we bring you TWO new dubbed episodes of Ranma 1/2!

Ranma 1/2 Episode 107: Swimming with Psychos

Ranma 1/2 Episode 108: Ryoga, Run Into The Sunset


Sailor Guardians Fight For Love And Justice, Again! Season 2, Sailor Moon R, Begins Today!

It’s MOOOOONDAY, Neon Alley Nation!  Time to watch Usagi and the Sailor Guardians!!

This week: We have the beginning of the second season, Sailor Moon R, a great place to drop into the series!

Episode 47: Moon Returns: The Mysterious Aliens Appear


Two months have passed since the Sailor Guardians defeated the Dark Kingdom. Having lost all memory of being Sailor Moon, Usagi now lives her life as an ordinary girl. Then, two new students, Seijuro Ginga and his sister, Natsumi, transfer to Usagi’s school.  The girls think he’s pretty hot.  Don’t you?

Then, on the NEXT Episode of Sailor Moon:

Episode 48: For Love and for Justice: Sailor Guardians Once Again


Sailor Moon finds herself facing new enemies from outer space, who call themselves Ail and An. The two aliens disguise themselves as humans to go after other human energy.

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This Week’s Neon Alley Hot List

It’s FRIDAY!  Woot! There’s a lot to binge-watch this weekend, Neon Alley Nation, and we are here to help you plan it out!

We have classic Naruto Episodes, voiced in English, from Episodes 1 – 52

Last week, we uploaded Episodes 1 – 12 of Naruto Shippuden, in English dub.  Now you can catch this fan favorite right from the beginning. More Episodes are coming, stay tuned!


The Sailor Moon FINALE  was uploaded last Monday! Episode 45 & Episode 46.

SM_45_SUBThese two Episodes are a-mazing and totally shocking!  They are a MUST watch.  But wait!  You’ll need a box of tissues. Oh!  The FEEEEEELS!  Don’t worry, more Sailor Moon is coming your way each Monday. But if you haven’t seen these last two Episodes, 45 & 46, you’ve got to!

Don’t forget to watch this week’s Episodes of Ranma 1/2!  Episode 105 & Episode 106 are now UP!  It’s a foooood warrrr!  We also have earlier Episodes, from  70 – 106 in English for your viewing pleasure.


Every Saturday we offer the world premiere of the latest Naruto Shippuden Episodes, in English, fresh from the studio to you!

NS_264_SUB_PICTomorrow’s Episode: 264, Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu

Tomorrow there will be a NEW Episode of Sailor Moon Crystal 2nd Act.8 MINAKO – SAILOR V -! Catch up to this Episode by watching the first 7 Episodes here.   

Have you gotten your copy of Gargantia on the Verderous Planet yet?

DSCN1412 Gargantia  Blu-ray combo pack next to the DVD only release

Naruto20_TripleFeature_600 The latest Naruto Shippuden DVD, Set 20, is out now! Also available is three Naruto movies in one!  Check it out:  Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, Legend of the Stone of Gelel, & Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom.

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the SAILOR MOON DVD/Blu-ray sets coming out in November!


SAILOR MOON SET 1 DVD/Blu-ray hybrid can be PRE-ORDERED here.

So, grab some friends and snacks, put your feet up and binge-watch all this anime goodness!

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This Week On Ranma 1/2: Martial Arts Dining!

Meanwhile, on Ranma 1/2…


Episode 105: Bonjour, Furinkan!

The invite says “All You Can Eat!”  All the Tendo daughters are invited to Picolet’s table.  Picolet, master of Martial Arts Dining, appears to take one of the Tendo daughters as his bride. Watch Martial Arts Dining in action!

Episode 106: Dinner at Ringside!

Ranma’s training to fight includes putting THIS in your mouth!


Ranma, in order to beat Picolet, begins fierce training to master the Ultimate Technique, “Gourmet de Foie Gras.” However, Picolet still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Will Ranma be able to win?!

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See How Much Power Naruto Has As He Performs a Sage Jutsu. Episode 381: The Divine Tree Is Now On Neon Alley!

This week on Naruto Shippuden, Episode 381: The Divine Tree:

Naruto and Minato combine their powers to perform a Sage Jutsu attack on Obito. There’s nothing they can’t do if they borrow Kurama’s power!  (Fist bump!)

Watch it HERE!  Now!

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