Meet Staz, Your Average Demon Mob Boss Otaku

image of the inside of the Blood Lad Blu-ray

Blood Lad Blu ray

Today is the day! Blood Lad ( the anime ) is finally out in stores.

For the uninitiated, Blood Lad is the anime adaptation of the hit manga Blood Lad by Yuuki Kodama .   If the bold caution-tape-esque cover didn’t catch your eye Staz’s sharp-toothed “grin” will pull you in.  The Blood Lad anime brings you through the first volumes of manga for a roller-coaster ride of otaku inside jokes and over the top action.  I dare you too not watch it twice and see what new things you can find in the background.

( Wanna try episode 1? Click here. I’ll still be here. )

 The Blood Lad story…

Werewolves, zombies, and even the Abominable Snowman fight day and night for the title of Territory Boss. The vampire Staz, however, finds the whole thing to be a serious pain. He spends his time watching anime, playing video games, and daydreaming about going to the Human World. That all changes when he meets Fuyumi, a human girl who instantly win’s Staz’s heart, and who then loses her life to a man-eating plant. Refusing to give up on the girl of his dreams, Staz travels across the Demon and Human Worlds in search of a way to bring Fuyumi back to life by any bloody means necessary.

Get the skinny on Blood Lad right after the jump.  Reviews, pictures and a list of extras.


Bleach Double Feature Movie Set Out Now!

Also out this week is the Bleach Double Feature.  This is an AMAZING deal, and by AMAZING we mean A-FRIGGIN’ MAZING.   This is VIZ’s 2nd(?) foray into value packs, the first one being the Inuyasha Movie 4-pack blu-ray.   So something must be working.

In this brand new movie pack you’ll get

BLEACH The Movie – Memories of Nobody  and  BLEACH The Movie – Diamond Dust Rebellion

In one tight little pack for only $14.98, though we’ve found it at other retailers for even lower.

Both the English language track and a Japanese language track with English subtitles are included.

Allllll The Animes! Lots Of Great Stuff On Neon Alley! Catch Up This LONG Weekend!

Well, HELLO, Neon Alley Nation!  We’ve got lots of great shows for you to catch up on this LONG weekend, in English and in original Japanese, with subtitles!

BleachAnimeLogo_SMALL This month, we released Bleach, Season 14. Since we have Bleach from Episode 1, Season 1 - that is a LOT of Bleach to catch up on! Naruto_Shippuden_Open Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Episodes 167 – 179 was released online and on Hulu this month. We also added Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital Episode 2 – 13, and the entire Buso Renkin series, In English, Episodes 1 – 26 Naruto Movie: The Lost Tower is going to expire from Hulu and on 9/6/14 – so see the preview while you can, in English and Japanese (with subtitles)! HellverserSkulls Bleach movie: Hell Verse is still up until 9/13/14 in both English and Japanese (with subtitles.) Also, catch up on our weekly shows! Sailor Moon (subtitled) Ranma 1/2 (English and Japanese Episodes) Naruto Shippuden in English Dub (Straight from the studio to you!) And, Sailor Moon Crystal!  (The next Sailor Moon Crystal simulcast is on Sept 6. Watch all the Episodes now, to catch up! …And all that came out just THIS MONTH! ALL the available shows on Neon Alley are listed on this page and updated a few times per week. And don’t forget to share this with your friends!


Ranma 1/2 This Week: A Cat Offers Ryoga A Wish, Then, Genma and Ranma Leave The Dojo! Will They Be Gone Forever?


It’s Friday, and time for more Episodes of Ranma 1/2 ~ in English ~ to set the weekend off right!

In Episode 91: Ryoga’s Proposal,
Ryoga saves the phantom cat from wild dogs. As thanks, the cat offers to grant Ryoga any love he wishes!


Then, in Episode 92: Genma Takes A Walk. 

After a huge fight between Genma and Soun breaks out over a game of shogi, Genma disappears from the Tendo residence with Ranma.

More hilarious adventures of Ranma 1/2 continue!  Share this with a friend so you can watch it together!

Why Are You Here, Sasuke? Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke Reunite In This Week’s Episode of Naruto Shippuden!


Find out why Sakura is SO shocked!  The Latest Naruto Shippuden Episode from Japan is HERE!

Episode 373:Team 7, Assemble!

Team 7 is finally reunited when Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke join forces.But, can Sasuke be trusted?

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