The Fourth Great Ninja War Rages On In Naruto Shippuden Set 22


Out today! Naruto Shippuden Set 22~
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In this set danger comes in from every angle. Old comrades and enemies have risen from the grave under the control of Kabuto to fight the Allied Forces. While some retain their calm, others must wrestle with their emotions.

Naruto’s training has made him more powerful, but some believe his possession of the Nine Tails makes him a liability. Meanwhile, Sakura and the Medical Ninja face unique danger, as an enemy may be in their midst behind the allied lines. Can the Allied Forces survive assassins and their reanimated friends to win the war?


Click below to get a sneak peek of the episodes in this set in their original Japanese audio track and even more details about what’s inside.


Sailor Moon Saturday! Watch Sailor Moon R With NEW English Voices

While you’re waiting to watch Sailor Moon Crystal….in about an hour or so let us remind you that Neon Alley is the place to watch the classic 90’s anime.   Right now you can watch both the Original Japanese voiced ( English subtitled ) version  or for a limited time you can take advantage of VIZ Media’s extended promotional preview of FULL Episodes from Sailor Moon R.

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Demon Dogs, Ninja Dogs and Corndogs, All This Week On Neon Alley

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Here’s your Neon Alley cheat sheet on the newest subs, dubs and more right to your inbox.  Want even earlier notice?  Check our our monthly calendar here.   In short, this week has gone to the dogs! Ryoga meets a Ninja Dog, our favorite Demon Dog  is in a movie and even our Sub Spotlight has been taken over by delicious corn dogs.

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